ENERGY CBD vape 84% eighty8

Brand: eighty8
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The ENERGY CBD premium VAPE pen from the popular Czech brand eighty8 contains 84% cannabinoids. Moreover, it has a precisely designed terpene profile with an energizing and invigorating effect,  including the sought-after full spectrum with undetectable amounts of THC.

  • CBD: 50%
  • CBDV: 1%
  • CBG: 10%
  • CBL: 3%
  • CBN: 0,5%
  • CBE: 14%
  • Terpenes: Beta Karyofylen, Terpinolene, Mycene, Limonene

This product is completely free of  PG and VG ingredients. It’s a high-quality 0.5 ml cannabis distillate straight from nature. The device is manufactured by the renowned producer CCELL.

ENERGY vape pens contain 84% cannabinoids, but what we are quite proud of is the composition of the individual terpenes, which we have tuned to perfection. By carefully selecting individual terpenes, we achieved an accompanying effect that can increase energy and encourage higher performance.

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